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Children’s Eyeworks is a new online destination for infant, children, and teen eyewear that focuses on providing stylish, quality prescription and non-prescription glasses for families. Created by a Bay Area optician and new mom, Divina Helene, offers an array of fashion-forward frames from respected brands including Lafont Paris and Swing, with prescription lenses starting at a reasonable $55.


By catering specifically to children’s unique eyewear needs, Children’s Eyeworks is able to give families competitively-priced glasses and personalized customer service. Using her expertise as an optician and background in the family business- her family has run the popular eyeglass store Rims & Goggles of San Francisco for 40 years- Divina is able to carefully select the best eyewear for every situation.

From soft, hinge-less prescription glasses for toddlers on the go to protective polycarbonate sunglasses for everyday wear, Children’s Eyeworks stocks an impressive selection striking the perfect balance between style and function. Divina is able to serve as a “virtual stylist” for parents and children choosing their eyewear.

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“Bold, iconic shapes are all still very big this year, especially with sunglasses- think round, wayfarer-like, or aviator,” said Divina, when asked about upcoming fall eyewear trends. “Classic shapes like oval, round, or butterfly are staples in children’s eyewear and will be seen time and time again.”


Divina, a licensed optician, is available for expert insight on children’s eyewear, including how to choose your child’s first pair of glasses, finding the correct style, and how to pick the right pair of sunglasses for 100% U.V.A./U.V.B. protection.

To learn more about Children’s Eyeworks and view their eyewear selection, please visit

While most children’s sunglasses are merely for show and offer very little protection from the sun’s harmful rays, Real Kids Shades offer complete protection for little ones. Created exclusively for kids of all ages, Real Kids Shades are designed to properly fit a child’s face and are shatterproof/impact-resistant to fit with their active lifestyles.  Affordably priced at $15 to $20 and $35 to $40 for specialty sports shades, Real Kids Shades are made of durable, quality materials to ensure 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked. Styles start in sizes 0 to 24 months and go up to age 12.

With a mission to protect children’s eyes and to educate the public on the dangers of “toy” sunglasses, Real Kids Shades has worked with pediatric opthalmologists for optimal fit, comfort, and safety. With a goal of having children’s shades viewed as a year-round necessity rather than a summertime accessory, Real Kids Shades hopes to educate the public on common misconceptions that can lead to permanent eye damage.

“The truth is, wearing cheap toy sunglasses can actually do more harm to a child’s eyes than not wearing anything at all,” said Real Kids Shades Vice President Lisa Medora. “Shaded lenses without 100% UVA/UVB protection will relax pupils, causing them to dilate and let MORE harmful radiation into children’s eyes.”

Like all Real Kids Shades, My First Shades provide 100% protection from the sun and feature a soft, adjustable neoprene band to ensure they are comfortable to wear and stay put. Available in sizes infant (0 to 24 months) and toddler (2 to 5 years), My First Shades come in a wide array of bands with complementary frames in solids and prints- including Green Frogs, Blue Flames, and Pink Daisy- and are affordably priced at $14.99.

A cute pairing for summertime is the new sunhat and sunglass combo pack, featuring a sun hat with a Velcro® closure chin strap, a wide brim that shades the entire face and offers UPF 50 sun protection as well as matching wrap-style My First Shades, available in pink and blue, $28.99.

For older kids, the Flex Shades feature classic temples and flexible rubber frames. No need to worry about them snapping in two- the rubber makes these shades super bendable! Available in a fashionable Jackie O style for girls and a sleek, sporty style for boys, Flex Shades are $14.99. Also, the new Flex Duo shades feature two complementary colors for twice the style.

Real Kids Shades’ rigorous product testing program assures all of their shades are CPSIA Compliant, CE Certified, and FDA Approved to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. To learn more about Real Kids Shades and view their product offerings, visit


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