We can finally share the exciting news! Freelance client Squeeky Knees will be on Shark Tank in two weeks! Tune in Friday, March 7 at 9 p.m. on ABC to see if they strike a deal with the Sharks…

So what is Squeeky Knees? It’s a product collection featuring a patent-pending squeaker device sewn into garments that creates a fun squeaking sound when baby is on the go. Whether they are crawling on hardwood floors or taking their first steps (and falls), Squeeky Knees are designed to encourage babies to be mobile.


Los Angeles native Lisa Day Evans created Squeeky Knees in 2010 after watching her son Elijah learning to crawl on hard surfaces. She realized he needed something comfortable to cushion his knees and prevent abrasions that also inspired him to explore his newfound ability to crawl.

Learn more at and watch Shark Tank on March 7 for the scoop!