Hitstory Kids is a new educational app geared for toddlers narrated by Peekaboo Peet, a friendly and curious hedgehog who takes children on a journey through history. The free app, available for Iphone and Ipad, guides toddlers in a fun and interactive way on a journey through iconic episodes of American History, where they are magically introduced to characters, objects and symbols linked to historical facts. Toddlers love finding Peet in vessels, carts, beneath the sand, playing with monkeys, and other unexpected situations.

The Hitstory Kids app, the only toddler app geared just for history, was created by a group of passionate historians, the purpose of this innovative app is to teach toddlers about American history, culture, and the values and beliefs that were important in the making of American society.


The first episode, Columbus Sails, was just released in time to celebrate Columbus Day. For more information and to download the Hitstory Kids app, please visit http://www.hitstorykids.com.