Our newest client, Nomie Baby, is a collection of problem-solving products for parents developed by Manhattan mompreneur Katie Danziger. After a messy spill on her youngest daughter’s “do not machine wash” car seat cover, Katie realized there was a need for machine washable, waterproof covers that were reasonably priced. Nomie Baby was born! Launched in 2008 with the machine washable car seat cover, retailing for $36-$40, Nomie Baby now offers snuggly stroller blankets, $39.95-$48.95, and their latest product, strittens, at http://www.nomiebaby.com.

Strittens are special stroller handle mittens designed to attach to any stroller type (including jogger and umbrella styles) so you no longer have to stroll with freezing hands due to lost or forgotten mittens. Retailing for $30 a pair, the one size fits all strittens feature a wind-resistant outer layer, a warm fleece lining, and are machine washable and dryer friendly. Perfect for those upcoming chilly winter walks, strittens are available in gray/black and gray/pink shades.

“I was always either forgetting my mittens, or they were in a different coat’s pocket,” said Katie, a mother of three. “I wanted something that was always there to keep my hands cozy and warm, and easy to slip my hand in and out of to make a call or do something with my child.”

With all Nomie Baby products retailing for under $50 and designed to make life easier, they make an ideal gift for the holidays. Nomie Baby’s car seat covers are available in an array of colors and come in infant/baby and toddler sizes. Special Velcro openings make installing the cover a breeze- you don’t even have to take the car seat out of the car. Other kid-friendly features include: super soft fabric comforts and calms the child, absorbent padding, and the elastic edges fit most car seat brands. Nomie Baby’s “cozy up” stroller blankets are available in infant and toddler sizes in purple and royal blue colors and feature a wind-resistant outer layer with cozy fleece lining. The blanket zips around the child to ensure they are warm and toasty- great for long car trips during the holidays.

Inspired by Katie’s youngest child’s extended stay in the NICU, Nomie Baby proudly donates 10 percent of their profits to help premature babies in NICU.

Nomie Baby products are available to purchase online and select boutiques nationwide, including Albee’s and Citibabes in New York City. To learn more about Nomie Baby, please visit www.nomiebaby.com.