Cabinet d’Envie is a wardrobe/style consulting and personal shopping service created by San Francisco residents Jennifer Bakken and Josh Ehren. After years of helping family and friends revamp their wardrobes for free, the husband and wife team was inspired to turn their styling gift into a business.

French for “closet of envy”, Cabinet d’Envie offers a wide array of services for clients, including a style and wardrobe review, professional shopping, shopping tours, seasonal updates, and special event shopping.  Another unique service offered by Cabinet d’Envie is the “Livre d’Envie”—French for “look book”—which includes imagery of your new and old wardrobe pieces, coordinated in ways to visually illustrate how to dress for any occasion.

“Most people come to us because they are very dissatisfied with the current state of their closet,” said Jennifer, who has 10 years experience in fashion and retail marketing and advertising. “Many feel the purchases they’ve made for themselves over the years have not been smart choices in helping get to where they want to be as well-dressed women and men. Others come to us feeling their wardrobe is full of many dated or ill-fitting items and they need an expert to guide them as to what to get rid of and where to start in purchasing the new.”

Based in San Francisco, Jennifer and Josh are also able to travel to their clients in other parts of the country. Working together, the couple is able to offer clients the male and female perspective. The pair takes a positive, encouraging approach to consulting with clients, showing how a few simple changes in their wardrobe can transform their overall style and outlook. The end goal is clients who have learned valuable tools to enhance their wardrobe on their own.

Cabinet d’Envie is available for expert interviews on style and wardrobe planning. To learn more about Cabinet d’Envie, please visit