As the clothing designer for Right Bank Babies and the mom of two girls born 14 months apart, Harlow, 5, and Evie, 4, Ellen Uzarowicz has learned a few tips on how to tame toddlers along the way.

Dressing for ease and style:  Put them in Right Bank Babies reversibles. They feel empowered by choosing which side, and if they mess up one side, you can simply flip it over. Most styles can also be put on without going over the head.  Many times I am dressing moving targets, so that makes things easier.

Getting your toddler to bed:  Let them have 10 minutes in their room with the light on by themselves to flip through their picture books and get the last of their energy out before you turn the light off. Always put them to bed early not late–  if they go to bed late, they have caught their second wind and will not sleep as hard. Mine even get nightmares if they stay up too late.

Bathing your toddler:  Both my girls went through stages where they were scared of the bath, so I had to make it silly– occasionally we’d use the sink or make it fun and let them wear their swimsuits and goggles.

Brushing your toddler’s teeth: I adore the brushes that light up for as long as they should brush. And I reward them with a Dixie cup they can fill with water and drink themselves.

Combing your toddler’s hair:  I use the silicone styling products from my cabinet for tangles. And get very soft brushes!

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