Baby Couture profiles Right Bank Babies designer Ellen Uzarowicz in the Spring ’09 issue!

In the two page spread, Ellen also dishes on the upcoming Fall ’09 collection:

"We are so excited about Fall 2009! We are still adhering to our love of classic designs, but using colorful prints and more luxurious fabrics. We are using a lot of taffeta, as well as brocade and embroidered silk. And in response to a huge demand, and literally years of design research, we are finally introducing the perfect pair of soft, worn-in jeans to complement our line. We’ve adjusted some of our patterns, adding more detail, but maintaining the reversibility. And finally, we’ve discovered our love for boys’ clothing! We are introducing what we call the ‘Old Man Pant’– Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, has been running around town in the prototype– as well as comfortable blazers and hoodies."

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