Livie & Luca Founders Trek to China to Explore Eco and Social Issues


January 14, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA)– In November 2007, the creators of Livie & Luca shoes, Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garcia, traveled to China to tour the factory where their children’s shoes are manufactured.  The goal of the 10-day trip to Southern China was to review factory conditions and shoe production.  Using interpreters, Rivas and Garcia met with factory executives, toured the facilities, learned about eco friendly and socially conscious practices, and built a relationship with the factory executives and workers.  What they encountered were sincere and hardworking individuals committed to producing a high-quality product. 

 “We took this trip to become educated. Consumers want to know how their products are made, that they are safe, and that working conditions are fair,” said Rivas. 

The trek to China highlights Livie & Luca’s goal of being a socially responsible business that also offers a high-quality product.  Livie and Luca’s owners have deliberately chosen to use scrap leather in the production of their shoes, recycling high-quality leather that would otherwise be discarded. Spending time at the factory allowed Rivas and Garcia to see the entire process of producing their handmade shoes, which are coined as “adorable shoes for adorable feet!” Rivas and Garcia spent Thanksgiving with the factory and admit it was a sacrifice to leave their families, but felt it was their responsibility as owners of the company to know their product was produced with socially aware practices.  Workers are given competitive salaries that are over minimum wage and are offered steady work throughout the year, which is not always the norm for factory workers.  At their factory, workers live nearby or on-site, many of whom walk or bike to work.


Livie & Luca aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle for their collection.  Shoe production involves using recycled leather. Paper products are printed on post-consumer paper using soy ink.  Online customers are sent reusable cloth bags in place of disposable shoe boxes, thus reducing paper consumption.  They will also be launching a shoe recycling program in 2008. Livie & Luca shoes are also made with non-benzene glue, which is the safest.

Livie & Luca debuted in May 2005, and incorporates brightly colored leathers, bold designs and whimsical modern touches that capture the playful essence of childhood. Their comfortable construction allows beginning walkers, toddlers and preschoolers to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease.  To view the collection and learn more, visit

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