Parents magazine’s brand new blog,, features Magnolia PR’s brand new client, Livie & Luca shoes, today:

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes


 I wish they made these Livie and Luca Velcro shoes in my size. Tiny feet are cute already, but when you put these little elephant shoes on them the cuteness factor is upped exponentially. Breathable, comfortable and handmade (no two are exactly alike), your tot will definitely be sporting the most chic kicks on the block. And here’s something to feel good about: Livie and Luca are earth friendly, using reusable cloth bags instead of boxes to package their shoes, and they donate ten percent of proceeds to charity. Cool? Check. Comfortable? Yep. And Charitable? Yes ma’am. Combine that with the reasonable price of $34.50-$37.50 and you’ve got happy feet, a happy bank account and a happy conscience.

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